(501) Professional Learning Network Plans

In constructing a concept map of my current Professional Learning Network, I was amazed at how many tools I have both learned and adopted in the last 4 months.  Tools such as RSS reader, Zotero, Google Wave/Docs and using this blog have helped me develop networking and information sharing swiftly and confidently.

The red areas that you see refer to those areas that I would like to either work on or memberships to professional organizations I would like to acquire.  In the future I plan on turning those red areas into green.  I also plan on expanding my social networking and researching tools in order to fully adopt technology into my professional and personal endeavors.

I read a blog entry recently entitled “How my PLN plan helped me yesterday.”  The author explained the need for portfolio examples for an upcoming project they were working on.  Ten minutes after releasing a twitter feed, people from the authors professional learning network responded with solid usable examples.  Knowing that I am connected in the same way is vital to my professional growth.

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