(501) Tech Use Plan Presentation

To see the Tech Use Plan Presentation, please click here

Researching, collaborating and then creating the presentation was a great learning experience for me.  Even though this project was a mock presentation in nature, Jason and I approached the project as though we had literally been charged with developing and initiating a plan to integrate technology into a cram school in Taiwan.

I wanted to work with Jason (EDTECH 501 student) due to his cultural and academic experience, and I hope that throughout the presentation the cultural spin placed upon it is evident to you, the viewer.  Culture is a huge consideration as technology can link the globe, so creating a presentation using primarily western ideas and adapting them into the Asian culture was interesting.

Finally, I am excited about the tools Jason and I used to help not only create such a presentation but also to communicate with each other.  Because we live in different countries and time zones (Jason was 12 hours ahead), we had to consider modes of communication that were effective and would not impede on any progress.  Skype and Google Wave were perfect tools as well as Google Docs for creating and editing the presentation.  These tools were free and somewhat easy to use.  Overall, the presentation taught me collaboration and communication skills, technology tools, and cemented the importance of Technology Use Planning (TUP) within education.

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