(541) Final Thoughts

Even though my undergraduate degree and current experience helped me along in this course, the assignments and required readings were challenging and forced me to the edge of my comfort zone.  Learning new software and ways to deliver content is always a good thing in my book, so, as a new week began new challenges presented itself also.

During the semester, I enjoyed playing with Prezi, researching the many online resources and most of all, I enjoyed learning from the more experienced educators enrolled in the course.  Having seen many lesson plan templates, I thought that the lesson plan template offered in the course benefited me, as I was forced to consider technology integration into my daily plans.

EDTECH 451 did meet many of the AECT standards.  In hindsight, the following standards that the course leaned on gave me the greatest of education: 1.3 (Instructional Strategies), 2.2 (Audiovisual Technologies), 2.4 (Integrated Technologies) and finally 4.2 (Resource Management).  Using these standards I realize that not only are they connected in one way or another but they each provide a solid way to grow educational technology into the classroom. As for the assignments, each project focused on Computer-based technology as well as Implementation (lesson plans).  I learned that finding the resource was fairly easy, finding a way to integrate it into a lesson plan was the harder part.

Professionally, I have without a doubt grown.  At the beginning of the year I quickly and unexpectedly moved into a new role within my school district.  This new role enabled me to teach my content area but in a new way.  I was asked to maintain a project based learning environment where the students used technology (primarily net-books) no less than 80% of the time.  This one-on-one computing class was the districts way of piloting the future of technology use for upcoming students.  This class was helpful in the fact that I quickly gained the tools and focused resources to create technology based lesson plans and projects.  This opportunity exposed me to the importance of properly integrating technology that enhances learning engages students.

As for my performance in the course…I believe that I completed the assignments to the best of my ability.  While I did not complete every assignment, I believe that I utilized the opportunity to learn and grow as a graduate student and a professional educator.  My blogs were insightful and included resources, multimedia and clear thoughts that reflected my knowledge from analyzing the required readings.  Because of my personality, I also tried to include analogies that were used to set the stage or to describe the foundation of the topic.  I had a lot of fun with my blog this semester!

This semester was eye opening, tough, exciting and most of all USEFUL.


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