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Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use processes and resources for learning by applying principles and theories of (and research related to) media utilization, diffusion, implementations, and policy-making.

(501) Tech Use Plan Presentation

To see the Tech Use Plan Presentation, please click here Researching, collaborating and then creating the presentation was a great learning experience for me.  Even though this project was a mock presentation in nature, Jason and I approached the project … Continue reading

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(501) Professional Learning Network Plans

In constructing a concept map of my current Professional Learning Network, I was amazed at how many tools I have both learned and adopted in the last 4 months.  Tools such as RSS reader, Zotero, Google Wave/Docs and using this … Continue reading

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(501) Bumper Sticker

My bumper sticker emerged out of the synthesis paper I wrote a few weeks ago. Jan Hawkins (, 1997) wrote that technology has limitless possibilities that will open doors for the future. Her excitement lends itself to the 21st century … Continue reading

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(501) Educational Technology and the ‘Real World’

This synthesis paper argues for the need of Technology within education field.  The paper focuses on the importance of 21st Century skills that students are lacking in order to be successful in a digital society and, furthermore, shows how America … Continue reading

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(501) Teacher Professional Development Models

“Teachers today are under growing pressure to perform. But most new teachers are not adequately prepared to meet the needs of their students, and many experienced teachers have yet to adapt to new standards.  Just like practitioners in other professions, … Continue reading

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(501) RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to ensure that information you are attempting to keep up with is available in one location and with minimal effort.  RSS works overtime to check and pull in new information that you have … Continue reading

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(501) Annotated Bibliography

The following references relate to the use and importance of technology within the classroom: Eunsook Hyun, & Davis, G. (2005). Kindergartners’ conversations in a computer-based technology classroom. Communication Education, 54(2), 118-135. doi:10.1080/03634520500213397 The research conducted using both male and female … Continue reading

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