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Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to evaluate the adequacy of instruction and learning by applying principles of (theories, and research related to) problem analysis, criterion-referenced measurement, formative and summative evaluation, and long-range planning.

(501) Tech Use Plan Presentation

To see the Tech Use Plan Presentation, please click here Researching, collaborating and then creating the presentation was a great learning experience for me.  Even though this project was a mock presentation in nature, Jason and I approached the project … Continue reading

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(501) Educational Technology and the ‘Real World’

This synthesis paper argues for the need of Technology within education field.  The paper focuses on the importance of 21st Century skills that students are lacking in order to be successful in a digital society and, furthermore, shows how America … Continue reading

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(501) Technology Use Planning Overview

During my career in the British Armed Forces I lived by certain creeds that spoke of hard work and loyalty.  Intricate planning was a necessary part of day-to day operations and this was instilled in us as new recruits.  Our … Continue reading

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